About Us

K.C. Corner Shop is an online boutique for creative, expressive and bold pet lovers who would like to have fun with their furry besties. 

We offer a variety of unique and ingenious products for you and your pets that will make your friends go “Wow! Where did you get THAT”?

Whether you are trying to “up the game” for yourself and your furry besties, or seeking memorable gifts for your “crazy dog mom/dad” friends, look no further: Our boutique is well stocked with quality pet supplies, outfit for pets and pet owners (please check out our featured  Top Quality Dog CrateFurry Besties Matching Outfits Collection), pet accessories, toys, gadgets, and so many novel items that you might not have thought of before!

Want to know more about us and our collection? No problem! Have suggestions for new additions? Even better! Our super engaged team is here to help you explore ideas and answer any questions you may have. Email us at info@kccornershop.com today and we will get connected with you ASAP!

Our Mission

At K.C. Corner Shop, our mission is to celebrate with you the proud identity and lifestyle as a pet owner. 

We believe that in addition to feeding and sheltering your pets, exploring a meaningful relationship with them is as important for their well-being. And for yours too!

Scientific studies have shown that people with pet companionships are healthier and happier – They often have higher self-esteem, are more active, and show more optimism and confidence. 

By encouraging you to embrace these benefits, we aspire to bring you closer to your pets. We hope to make a positive impact in the lives of you and your furry besties. After all, it never hurts to have more love in our world!


Our Core Values

Everything we do at K.C. Corner Shop is guided by our core values, that we should connect with each of our pets as a BESTIE:

  • Beyond – Our passion goes beyond meeting the basic, physical needs of your pets. We truly believe in the significance of nurturing love, affection, and mutual respect between you and your pets. 
  • Enjoyment – Yes, sometimes taking care of a pet is quite a hassle, but that tail-wag, that purr, that smiley-face with the tongue out makes it well worth it. Through our products and services, we would like to help you enjoy quality time to bond with your pets.
  • Style – At K.C. Corner Shop, we absolutely encourage you to explore and express your own fashion style as a pet owner! Sharing lives with pets is wonderful, so why don’t we all look fabulous together too? From outfits to accessories to home decors, browse our collection to get “zhuzhed up” now!
  • Thoughtfulness – While being a pet owner requires much work, we are here to help you make the journey easier and more fulfilling. Our products often come with a thoughtful touch to amplify the happiness of you and your pets.
  • Innovation – Want something with that wow factor? At our boutique, we hunt for authentic and creative products that many might not have known that they existed. We expand our collection on a regular basis to keep innovating and inspiring our community of pet lovers.
  • Excellence – At K.C. Corner Shop, we strive to deliver the best products with the best service. Our team is always dedicated to providing you an exceptional shopping experience, all from the comfort of home. 

Our Story

A contemporary online boutique, K.C. Corner Shop was founded in New York City, by a group of best friends who are all animal lovers and pet parents. We are very proud pet enthusiast and feel privileged to share our lives with our furry besties:

“The first time I took my pup for a walk wearing matching T-shirts, I got non-stop compliments on how sweet and lovable these outfits are. People were wondering where I bought them from. I realized that I loved being a ‘crazy dog mom’. And so do many many others! We enjoy feeling good and having fun!” ---- Christine, Founding Partner

Are you ready to join us as a self-expressive pet owner?

Our young, brilliant and forward-looking team is right on it! We leverage our multicultural, international backgrounds to hunt for authentic, fashionable and creative pet products worldwide to add to our collections. All together, we thrive to spread love and happiness through our products and services to customers from all around the globe.