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3 Basic Rules of Homemade Diet for Dogs

Cooking for your dog is not as complicated as it seems. It’s not rocket science. Of course, as a dog parent you’d want to make sure that what you’re feeding to your furry family member will make him or her healthy. Why Switch to Homemade Diet for Dogs? It’s hard to trust the dog food industry these days after all the pet food recalls that has been happening plus all the controversies surrounding the ingredients they use in making commercial dog feed. Toxic chemicals such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Propylene Glycol, artificial food dyes are only a few examples of commonly found cancer causing ingredients in commercial dog food.There’s also the question of the quality of ingredients used. Meat by...

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10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands

Is your dog giving you deaf ears? When this happens, avoid repeating the command over and over and imposing yourself until you get a response; instead, take a step back and consider the following scenarios which are some of the most common issues encountered when training dogs. 1) Low Value Treats: Are Your Treats Worth Working For? It’s a romantic and hard to debunk myth that dogs work for us just to please us. In reality, as opportunistic beings, dogs are most likely thinking “what’s in it for me?” according to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). The right use of treats can really make the difference between a dog who is eager to work and one who couldn’t care...

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The secret to making your dog’s problem behaviors disappear

Hi dog lover, No matter what your dog’s problem behavior is… Be it jumping, peeing inappropriately, aggression, pulling on the leash…or whatever… There is ONE SOLUTION that can help STOP this problem now The sad fact is… Most Dog trainers miss this solution entirely. They give you cookie cutting training programs. They use outdated and ‘mean’ dominance techniques. Or worse yet… They have no qualifications and are complete phonies. So what’s the answer to stopping your Dog’s behavior problems? In 4 simple words… Discovering your dog’s hidden intelligence. Let me explain… In my 10 years as a certified trainer…there’s ONE BIG LESSON I have learned. More intelligent dogs are better behaved. A More intelligent dog takes commands easier …and understands what...

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